You could have been a millionaire if you had invested 10,000 dollars or less 15 years ago

This how you would have done it !

People work hard everyday for the sake of gaining money which in most of cases hardly keeps them alive. Food , drink, and house rentals consume most of the money we make and all we can do about it is to sleep and get ready for the next work day. However, some people had some insights and lots of luck of making one million dollars or a lot more by investing in these stuff 10 years ago. Here is our list of top investment you could have made that could had made you insanely rich. Most of investments are stock shares but the last one will give you chills !.
You could have been a millionaire if you had invested 10,000 dollars or less 15 years ago


According to Wikipedia, ", Inc., doing business as Amazon, is an American electronic commerce and cloud computing company based in Seattle, Washington that was founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994". The famous company for book retail and delivery over the internet (Amazon) owns the biggest internet store for selling books and also E-readers. In September 2001 you could had bought the Amazon shares for 5.9 dollars per stock. Now the company's stocks sell at almost 1000 dollars per stock (994 dollars at May 20017). With investing 5000 dollars in Amazon at 2001-2002 you could had made 1 million dollars out of it.


The company works as an international online travel company that gets customers to make hotel reservations, car rentals, and purchasing airline tickets and vacation full offers. The company has a solid and strong balance sheet with stocks selling at nearly 2000$ now. Further growth is expected for this company on the short term too. The 15 year investment in this company would had got you in for 8-9$ per share in 2001. If you have invested 5000 dollars in this company 15 years ago you would had made the million dollars by now.

3- Intuitive Surgical ( ISRG)

Intuitive Surgical manufactures ( Da Vinci Surgical Systems), which is used to render the surgeon's hand movements into micro surgical tools movements that is placed inside patient's body. The system also provides a highly accurate 3D view at the surgical field so that the surgeons can operate with high efficiency. The company leads the future of surgical techniques and is expected to grow further more in the near and far futures. The 15 years investment revenue for this company stock shares would had got you a million dollars by spending 10,000 $ buying the stock at 4 dollars per share in November 2001, now it sells at almost 360 dollars.

The da Vinci surgical system

4- Forex Robots

Although Forex trading might be very risky especially when you lack experience and ability to take hard decisions at a very short time, some people made real money out of Forex (currency trading). I wouldn't personally recommend anyone to go for Forex because most of new traders are young aged ambitious guys who want to make money real fast. But these days are over anyway, by using a Forex robot software or even just following the foot steps of other experienced traders with solid earnings over time you could make a lot of cash. The most profitable Forex robots over the past five years is called (Forex Flex EA Acct4) Which had made a revenue portfolio over 11,000%. If you have invested 10,000 $ in this Forex robot you would had made over a million dollars by now !.

5- Apple

You could have been a millionaire if you had invested 10,000 dollars or less 15 years ago

The famous company that have introduced to the world many amazing technology products like (iphone, ipad, iMac, Macbook) and running at the same time one of the biggest online markets on earth (the i tunes store). Apple has been an amazing stock over the past 10 years. With a huge cap of 500 billion dollars and 100 billion dollars in ready cash, Apple never let down it's investors and the consumers are rushing hard to catch the new products introduced by apple on solid bases. If you had invested 5000 dollars in apple 15 years ago (exactly in jul 2002) you would had bought the stock for almost 0.9 dollars, now the stock hit over 160 dollars (164 dollars at Aug 2017) , considering the splits and the dividends you would had made over 1 million dollars.

6- Bitcoin

The black horse of the black money. The first digital currency with no central government to manipulate it's prices. Invented by some unknown person who had a virtual name (Satoshi Nakamoto) . Many conspiracies take place whenever bitcoin is brought to any discussion. However, there are some solid facts about bitcoin being used in deep web stores where you can buy anything dirty, literally. Drugs, guns, even hiring assassins to murder anyone you like. Another fact is that bitcoin used to worth (0.07 dollars) per coin at 2010, now it worth (5,660 dollars) per coin and some analysts expect it to hit 100,000 dollars per coin in the next decade.With a huge revenue percentage of 800,857%, if you has invested 1000 dollars in this digital currency 7 years ago you would had made (80,857,142 dollars) by now!. Yes it's true, you would had made 81 million dollars out of 1000 dollars.

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